[WIP] MuslinGauze

Well, I'm working on a new theme. I may release the same in couple of weeks. This theme will cover some minute tweaks and customization.

Any feedback is appreciated. I know its too light, but this is how it meant to be ...

Also, I'm unsure about the name, so if someone can suggest me a good one.

Here is the first cut preview of the index.

[Image: lABjMpp.png]

Update: Board Statistics redesigned.

[Image: SDy5ESX.png]
ZombiesEsteemed Client
Looks like a really great theme! (Not Surprised!) I really like the footer and overall surroundings! Smile
Electric ShockDivided by Zero
Totally appreciate that little tagline you have there!
[Image: FxbVPSd.png]
Some more canvas play with QuickReply:

[Image: XtCb6bt.png]
Snake_Another Demon
Great style, effone! I can safely say that you have a talent for that. I tried several times to approach making style, but somehow does not go to me, I prefer the plugins. Smile