'Trusted' Group Membership

Our default registered group is restricted in many ways to prevent spam.

Demonate is open to promote known MyBB community members to full-featured 'Trusted' group.
If you want to be a trusted member here please apply for joining the group from
UCP > Miscellaneous > Group Membership
(or from direct link: http://Demonate/usercp.php?action=usergroups)

and hit on 'Join Group' link beside 'Trusted Member' usergroup.

[Image: nW3SFo9.png]

Next you have to send me (effone) a PM at MyBB community mentioning the user ID / username / link to your profile at Demonate. If considerable - you'll be promoted.

Basic consideration criteria:
Your MyBB Community Account must be having at least any two of the following:
  1. 3 positive reputations
  2. 30 post counts
  3. Registration one month older

Kindly note:
  1. This is for registered membes only. All other groups (Client, Designer, Developer etc) supersedes 'Trusted' group and have all features enabled of it already.
  2. Members who have postcount more than 100 will automatically be promoted to 'Trusted' by system.
  3. Your promotion is solely under consideration of Demonate Controllers; so if rejected - please don't argue and target auto-promotion (100 post count @ Demonate) you may well be denied access in future or be demoted.
BondSimply Awesome.
Thanks for the updates.
[Image: 916YWmf.png]
AwesomeAnother Demon
Nice updates. I shall follow them. Smile