Template-CSS Mod [jQ] Make the Tracking PM titles clickable!

PM subjects in `PM Tracking` page is not hyperlinked and its a problem if you forget the content and want to check back.

So, here is a little jQuery magic to make all the PM titles clickable which will take you to the original PM in `Sent Items` folder.

Open template `private_tracking` and find the variable `{$footer}`. Add the following script just before that:

       $( "input[name*='readcheck']" ).each(function(){
           var link = rootpath + "/private.php?action=read&pmid=" + (parseInt($(this).attr('name').match(/\d+/)) + 1);
           $(this).parent('td').siblings('td:eq( 1 )').wrapInner('<a href=' + link + '>');

Save the template, BAM!
All of the PM subjects in tracking page is now clickable.