3 years - a very long time.

3 years back, around this time Demonate got compromised along with my few other online accounts, including Github, Twitter & official MyBB staff account which forced me to reduce my online activities for certain amount of time. The loss was huge:
  • We lost our beloved domain and never been able to regain ownership of the same since then.
  • The database backups wiped out from the site as well as backup mails which lead to restart of Demonate impossible.
  • My accounts were in wrong hand, that caused great damage to official MyBB codebase at Github as well as official MyBB Twitter account. Fortunately they have regained access to the account later (read more).
  • All the premium products hosted under Demonate were leaked.
  • We have lost our beloved Demonate members and the good-will of the site.
  • I've lost my partner, great designer Johnny S. and I always feel if I can clear the misunderstandings between us. I don't know what has happened but I've lost him for now and Demonate can never regain his glory without him. And I also miss JordanMussi, Harry K, Electric Shock in same manner. They are busy with their life and hope they will eventually come back.
During this, I was not able to login to my own account and the hacker has done immense damage to the site content, and may be, dealt with our members wrongly. I do apologies for the same from the core of my heart. effone was, is and always be yours.

Finally I have managed to obtain a database backup file (almost latest; since the site went down) from hacked backup mail ID, and restored under new domain with a hope that I will be able to regain the ownership of again one day. So, here we are with old Demonate database. Hoping you will all be a part of the community and provide your support like past.

During hack, many threads / posts are gone and I will fix all those eventually. Currently working on a new theme for Demonate, yes, at the end of 1.8 era - I don't give up. Hope you guys will like.

Demons awaken.... welcome back all.

- effone.//.
GuardianEsteemed Client
Glad to see you getting this thing back up and running effone. It truly was a blow to the MyBB community and it wasn't the same. Hopefully things will reach the levels they were before, and exceed them.

Best of luck in this endeavor, and as always, I'll be around.
Nice to see you back too...
Its hard to get back the lost glory but Demonate will stay up for sure.