New MyBB Theme?

nxxAnother Demon
You are creating styles here MyBB.

How to go about it?
I know enough HTML and CSS.

I tried to start from header, but something is always falling apart.

How to start? I edit posts etc. but the worst of the header and footer.

Could someone tell me how and what you need to do one by one?

Edit the file *. Xml, or the default style MyBB?
Regards, NXX. Smile
There is no one by one method. It depends upon the comfort of the user.
Still ...

Do a mockup >> Recolor default theme as per your mockup editing / expanding global.css >> Edit templates to establish your mockup design >> write scripts for effects and special jobs (anytime as required).

I don't edit .xml. I use sublime for all the codings. But thats me.