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Demonate Presents
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A Plugin for MyBB to display the details of received ratings of a thread.

Language: English
Additional Language: Welcome
Settings: No settings, just activate and go.
This plugin places a link beside the star rating inside showthread clicking on which a popup window appears just like other native popups of MyBB with the details of users rated the thread alongwith given ratings.

Users can sort by username or rates given clicking on tcat titles inside the popup.

Licence: Demonate standard licence applied.
1. This Thread
2. MyBB Community Forums


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Harry K.Xige Time
Great plugin effone! Getting better each time. ProudBig Grin
[Image: UBJSJ7l.png]
StealthTrusted Member
Very nice! You should have spork install this on IcyBoards!
[Image: z2XXnhO.png]

Helping Hands coming soon, if you are interested in what this is message me.
Thanks both for the good words.
I'm planning to add some more features in next release, hence suggestions are welcome.
That's a great plugin effone! Smile Very nifty.
martecTrusted Member
very very useful...
Electric ShockDivided by Zero
This should be a core functionality in MyBB 1.8.
[Image: FxbVPSd.png]
piXiqAnother Demon
Guess I've seen a more featured plugin like this somewhere; but that was paid.
Good its free with minimum required feature.
I've not seen any such plugin at Mods site; though it has already been requested several times.
May you are right, I missed, as you mentioned 'paid' - 'paid' plugins are not available at Mods site.
But I can enhance this one on future releases if you (or anyone) states what more features are required.

Plugin released at Mod's site:
iHydraNew Kid on the Block
What's the variable for this plugin? Doesn't seem to work on my forum. Tested it on default theme and nothing happened. Don't see it in the templates either. Tested the classic view mode and regular.