April 1st Surprise

Electric ShockDivided by Zero
I'll let you know that there will be a shocking April Fools surprise.

Cuz I'm the demon.

So, when you WAKE up in the morning, go to Firefox/Chrome and type in "Demonate", make sure you wash your eyes and wear some lenses.
[Image: FxbVPSd.png]
TwinkieEsteemed Client
This will last the entire day right? Also, can't wait. :S
aidanAnother Spambot :s
Your scaring me Wink

Uh-Oh,,,, If it is going to e summit to do with FLASHING css!

If only visible on firefox and chrome :l
StealthTrusted Member
I might have peed myself!
[Image: z2XXnhO.png]

Helping Hands coming soon, if you are interested in what this is message me.
JeTaEsteemed Client
Watch it be an Aprils fools and the site will be perfectly fine.
TwinkieEsteemed Client
(03-29-2013, 06:25 AM)JeTa Wrote: Watch it be an Aprils fools and the site will be perfectly fine.
Hmm. Never thought about that. I'm on to you Electric. -.-
Electric ShockDivided by Zero
Make sure you have some antihistamines.
[Image: FxbVPSd.png]
MeuTrusted Member
I dont think effone or Eshock(demons) will come out of screen Tongue
Hmm, now I wish I had Admin CP access to see what you're planning. Tongue
I'm sure it will be shocking. Looking forward to it! Big Grin
Electric ShockDivided by Zero
You'll just bang your heads on the wall when you see the home.php that day.
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