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Mandatory rules for placing request
You must specify the following with your graphics request:

1. Type of requested: (Logo / Banner etc.)
2. Colors preferred: example - Red text in white background.
3. Size of the graphic work: example - 468 x 60 full banner.
4. The format: (jpg, gif, png etc.)
5. The site link where the graphics will be used, if it is required to match the site design.
6. Designer: If you want your work done by specific designer - mention name else 'any'.
7. PAID or FREE : Mention clearly whether the request is against real $ or against 300 grains.


> Requests not following the minimum requirement mentioned above will result the request thread be closed.
> For placing request of ad banners the IAB standard ad sizes must be followed. Please refer this thread for standard sizes.
> Demonate offers premium graphics with very low price. Please contact the designer of your choice with your requirement details for a quote.