Site related documents and updates.
The place for site related topics and declarations placed and managed by core team.
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MyBB Twist

Useful resources and guidelines to customize MyBB.
This section is full of tutorials and guidelines for modding MyBB. Missing something? Feel free to post.
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This section is about customizing your MyBB Board. Here you will find themes, plugins, tutorials and guidelines.
11-07-2015, 05:47 PM by Moneyman
Post your problems related to your MyBB board and the demons will try the best to shoot your trouble.
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Topics / Discussions that are old and not applicable to the latest version available.
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This section is meant to enhance your webmaster experience where you can discuss or exchange codes, offers, request for review or graphics for your site, showcase your site or share your work with us.
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General section. General topics and the topics that not fit to any of the above sections go here.
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